How many knots can you name?

May 27, 2014

The world of neckties is filled with different knots, so many that it would almost be impossible to know how they are all called. Fortunately there are some who make it their work to make a nice index of different tie knots. It is because of them that we can grasp the diversity surrounding this fashionable piece of cloth. Once you have them laid out in front of you you can truly appreciate each unique characteristic.

For instance, did you know that the smallest knot every created is called the Oriental? Or that there is a tie that resembles the face of a bull (the Taurus knot). Even the people at still don’t known all these things and that says a lot because when it comes to gentleman’s fashion they know their stuff.

So go ahead and check that Pinterest page on the different ways to tie a tie and let us know which one is your favourite. We would love to hear what you guys thinks of all these variations.


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The Best Created Tie Knots Ever

April 30, 2014


There is a lot to say about ties. For instance, there are many different necktie knots. In particular, the trinity knot, the eldredge knot, and the cape knot; these are one of a kind knots that you do not see men use commonly.

The main reason is that these are exotic ones that have been created to make a statement or impression on people around.

It is not the case of any of them that they pass unnoticed.

My favorite one is the trinity knot because it is highly symmetrical and inspires sharpness, neatness, and space.

You could wear this for work or just about any event. It is such a great looking knot that it might even get you a promotion or your next best job. You could go as far as to say that it will  help you win a business deal because it causes an intimidating effect on whoever sees it.

This is why, people who have been aware of this necktie knot and learned how to tie it are indeed using it very often. For example, my friend Jordan uses it for work and also for festivities.  Recently, he received this guide on different tie knots from his uncle John. When we both checked it out, we were even more surprised about how creative other men can to come up with new knots as Elliot Truelove.


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Enhance your current closet having a new set of custom dress shirts

December 6, 2013

By purchasing only custom dress shirts for men, men possess the chance to show their concern for fine detail, no matter the fabric utilised inside the manufacturing method. Once you want to hide the unwanted fat from your waist or highlight an ideal physique condition, this item will undoubtedly are available in handy. There is certainly a specific quantity of shirts that each elegant man must have in his wardrobe, every made out of a diverse colour, texture and model. Having many different various dress shirts can help you to obtain a brand new image, even whenever you put on the same suit. You will locate many different distinct sources from exactly where it is possible to obtain a custom dress shirt, and also the net is just certainly one of them.

Bespoke shirts

Going to the workshop of a certain designer is virtually the very first thing which you must do if you desire to acquire custom dress shirts. There are diverse elements that must be clarified prior to the made can start functioning on your dress shirts: for example your body`s measurements, height and weight, what sort of collar to utilize in the manufacturing procedure, the cuff type and any further elements that may influence the final outcome of his operate.


Not all guys recognize and appreciate the elegance that may be obtained by wearing custom produced garments. In an effort to get an thought about what it really is all about, you are able to begin having a basic custom dress shirt. The process of generating wonderful custom dress shirts consists on three major elements: setup, testing and execution. Nonetheless, with no clarifying all the necessary aspects that surround this process, clientele might be dissatisfied when they obtain their products. Be sure to talk with your creator and offer him each of the data that he needs to know every time you need to acquire a custom dress shirt.


Anytime you put on a shirt which was specially developed to fir your body, you may really feel much better and more comfy in comparison to what you encounter when testing out a usual prepared to put on shirt from your nearby store. You need to take time and evaluate all attainable options when you need to buy new clothing. In this hectic society, folks do not have much time for you to strategy their purchasing sessions, so they end up buying merchandise that usually do not satisfy their requirements totally. Numerous individuals avoid buying custom dress shirts since the delivery time is higher in comparison to the immediate transactions.


This may possibly be right, but persistence may bring with it many benefits. To start with, in case you are a man that cares for specifics, you understand how crucial it is to possess a shirt that may match the body perfectly. You are going to be able to obtain the model that you just have thought, with out worrying about the thickness in the cuff or the size on the sleeves. It is possible to also pick the fabric that you like very best. To be able to acquire the excellent custom dress shirts, you might desire to have a look at your existing wardrobe and offer you a few examples for your developer.

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Custom dress shirts delivered straight to your door.

October 27, 2013

It starts with a “hola” in the little store in Madrid and ending with a Ding-dong on Bell in Vanløse. Meanwhile,  custom dress shirts cut found my paper pattern, cut two shirts of the drug, I have chosen, and put the pieces with a seamstress. She has sewn the shirts, and the store has packed them up and sent them to me with the Spanish postal service.

Hand-stitched buttonholes. When did you last see them? Not because they last longer than buttonholes sewn by machine, but they are softer, more natural, and just the idea that they are sewn by a virtuoso with needle and thread, is a lise.

The joining of the shirt’s front and back, also hand-sewn, like shoulder party and the collar. Notice where the deep slot is, and how the body is rounded.

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Sale on custom dress shirts in Nice quality

October 25, 2013

Then there is the summer sale on shirts at one of my favorite custom dress shirts at Are you looking for shirts in almost the same (if not the same) quality as Eton and Stenström shirts, but for a whole lot less money, so you should try them from the of, which currently has a lot on sale by 20-40% discount. ShirtsMyWay means, incidentally, tailored in Italian and shirts sitting (at least on me) as if they were it.

I have originally also written a very long article about the perfect work shirt on my other blog– it can you read here – it is actually pretty good if I do say so myself.

Men's shirts made to perfection.

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Skjorter online der ikke bare passer men ser super godt ud.

Videon her viser rigtig fede skjorter til mænd online. Det er nok dem med den bedste kvalitet jeg har har set længe.

Det er simpelt du tager nogle mål og får skjorter der passer dig meget præcist. Det kan højst anbefales og er super sjovt, du kan også designe dine egne skjorter.

Se video her:

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Hello world!

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